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TalkTalk Cases of Stolen Email Addresses Used for Spoofed Spam

TalkTalk Cases of Stolen Email Addresses Used for Spoofed Spam

This is not a complete list of all threads on this topic in the TalkTalk forum.
Last updated 4 June 2016.

2016 June 3
Email address is currently sending out loads of trash to everyone in my address book

2016 June 3
Email has been hacked and sending rather odd emails to my friends 

2016 May 30
Many former contacts are now receiving e-mails from my e-mail address

2016 May 17
Undelivered mail to my contacts

2016 May 4
Spam sent to address book

2016 May 3
Spam to everyone I've ever emailed
2015 December 15
Email sent by me with some links to some very dodgy websites

2016 November 28
Multiple spam is being sent daily not just to those in my address book but to seemingly anyone who I have ever sent an email to

2016 November 16
A few of my friends had received a spam type email appearing to be from me and I have several returned emails from companies I have had contact with in the past

2015 October 23
Emails to contacts from account

2015 October 18
Tiscali email account "hacked", spam sent to address book

2015 October 11
Spoofed spam to contacts

2015 October 6
Contacts receiving junk from me, account

2015 October 2
TalkTalk account, "sending out spam to just about anyone I have ever emailed"

2015 October 2
Tinyworld account, "sending out spam emails to lots of people - people I emailed last week and people I emailed years ago"

2015 September 30
Email at, "contacts" receiving multiple spam messages

2015 September 29
Compromised tiscali account, spam, contacts list, needs password change

2015 September 28
Emails to contacts from account

2015 September 21
Account "hacked", email sent to "all my contacts", Talk Talk user

2015 September 13
Compromised accounts, "bizarre emails apparently sent from me"

2015 August 18
Account password change by administrators for user with spoofed mail

2015 June 23
Tiscali SMTP users, more than 3,000 hacked Tiscali accounts, Thunderbird error, Too many connections to this host

2015 March
Hacked tiscali accounts

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