Saturday, May 21, 2016

AOL Spoofing with Links to Diet-pill Web Sites

2014, April 21, TechCrunch article by Matt Burns,

2014, April 21, GigaOm article by Kif Leswing,

2014, April 21, Brian Alvey, AOL spoofing, "a very unique list of addresses",

2014, April 21, Los Angeles Times article about AOL spam

2014, April 22, AOL blog post on their response to spoofing,

2014, April 22, AOL introduces DMARC "p=reject" policy

2014, April 22, Graham Cluley on AOL accounts sending diet-pill spam,

2014, April 22, PC World article about AOL spam

2014, April 22, German article at Heise about AOL spoofing to stolen addresses

2014, April 24, German article about AOL spam and contact lists

2014, April 28, Reuters on AOL spoofed spam and breach

2014, 28 April, Follow-on PC World article, after AOL press release

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