Saturday, May 21, 2016

Skype Spam to Contacts, July 2015 Ongoing

In addition to people with email accounts reporting links being sent to addresses harvested from all of the emails in their accounts, since July 2015, dozens of Skype users have been reporting spam links being sent to their contacts.  Here is a collection of articles on this variant of the problem with the most recent on top.

2016, February 11
Continued forum thread since participants dissatisfied that the previous thread had been marked "Solved" 

2016, January 23

2015, September 3rd
"Diet-pill spam from Skype users" by Christopher Boyd 

2015, July 20th
"Skype users told to change passwords, but will that stop spate of spoofed messages?" by Graham Cluley

2015, July 17th
The Register, "Skype spam to contacts" by Kelly Fiveash, 

2015, July 1st
Skype Community Forum thread of more than 105 pages

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